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Friction Gloves


Quick Overview

These Friction 2.0’s are now in yellow!

Never drop a disc with these as you channel your inner bird with these fresh new colored Friction Gloves.

Better Stitching, More Durable

The 2.0’s feature a new stitching pattern to help alleviate the stress from contact with the disc and ground. The design is more durable than our original gloves, keeping you playing with them for longer.

Added Flexibility

The new hand pattern allows for maximum finger and thumb flexibility. The 2.0’s fit is less restrictive than the original Frictions, while staying tight on your hands all game.

Improved Sizing

We now stock the Friction 2.0’s in 6 different sizes, including women’s sizes. The Friction 2.0’s fits all hands. Our XL is larger than its predecessor, allowing a better fit for even the biggest hands.

Sharp New Look

Yellow stitching and our new Friction strap allows you to look your best! With the 2.0’s comes the ability to create custom printed gloves for your entire team, making you the best looking team at the tournament -hands down.

Friction Gloves is a proud sponsor of the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds.

Gold Performance Tee


Quick Overview

A polyester athletic shirt, the Thunderbirds gold performance shirt is a sharp addition to any active-wear collection.

Be comfortable, stylish, and support your hometown team.

Outline Thunderbird Disc


Quick Overview

175g Discraft Ultra-star, it’s what the Pros use.

Collect all 5 Thunderbird discs!

Discraft is the official disc provider of the American Ultimate Disc League.